Thursday, December 20, 2012

Kaeris Ascendant

So I finally get a chance to sit down and paint some Malifaux again!  I knew several months ago which piece I would paint.  She had been in my possession for a while, and it's pained me somewhat to leave her in grey primer for so long, but at long last she's completed!  My Mechanical Angel, Kaeris:

Sometimes I do step-by-step or progression pics.  Usually I'm aware that I want to do something like that, and I keep my camera nearby so I can remember to actually take the pics before I move on to the next step.  Sometimes I just snap a pic with my phone and send it off to friends.  I enjoyed painting Kaeris so much though that I'm going to share my phone progress pics.

I started with the skin, hair, eyes, and torso.  The eyes turned out really well, and I can't help but feel a sense of presence when I look at her.  My skin tones keep getting better and better, which makes me really happy.  Overall this took me 1.5 hours to complete.  It seems like I'm starting to get a bit of an edge to my painting skills.

At this point I've completed the pants and started her coat.  I've said it before, but working from the inside out has a nice charm to it.  I worry less about getting mishaps and mistrokes on the larger areas since I'm going to be painting over them anyways, and it's easier to be cautious with those than vice versa.

The mechanical feathers were quite fun.  I mixed in a touch of orange with my gold to use as the base, and then followed it up with a sepia wash.  Once that dried I redid the wings with the base color, and added highlights to the edge of the wings with a brighter gold.  I topped it all off with a thinner sepia wash.  They turned out gorgeous, and the above pic doesn't capture the feel of those shining wings.

This was a labor of love, and a long time coming.  I've very happy with the results, and look forward to see her on the battlefield time and time again!

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