Monday, February 25, 2013

Still Kicking

I realize things have been a bit silent on here, but that should start to change.  Last week I finished my first week at my new job, and now I'm starting in on my second week.  With Adepticon coming up pretty fast (less than 60 days!) I'm starting to put more time and effort into painting.  Two days each week dedicated to painting, two to games, and the fifth is a wildcard.  Weekend time will be used for additional painting if there aren't already plans going on.

That being said I'm still painting in all of this chaos.  I've finished about four or six new pieces since my last update, and I think a preview is the least I can do at this time.  Later this week I'll get a photo shoot going and post completed pictures.

A couple of Mannequins for my Colette crew:

Mei Fang and her Totem, Emberling:

Hope those keep you satisfied for a few more days until I can get more pics uploaded!

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