Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Once again I'm late on my, "Weekly," updates.  The past two weeks have been quite brutal.  Work has been very stressful, my Grandfather passed on, and all the while I still try to study, exercise, and paint.  Here's the sum total of what I would have posted last week:

I had started out with the intent of getting the green done on two fighters, and was in the zone and ready to put in a good amount of time.  However I hit a spot of hidden water from when I had rinsed these miniatures, and was forced to set them aside.  I had intended to return to painting later that day, but became lost in other things.

This past week I redoubled my efforts to complete the fighters, and have been successful!

In spite of things the fighters painted up very quickly.  A lot of the surface area is tucked underneath, which makes it easier to paint.  The order of difficulty for the miniatures would have to be, from easiest to most difficult: Fighter, Guardian Mode, Battloid.  Originally I had thought to vary things and mix it up with battlepods and the remaining destroids, but having a rhythm and an eye for the colors I feel more inclined to finish up all the Veritechs first.

Normally I do a regular brown for the bases, but this time I did something different:

Given that the fighters sit on top of a stand and don't contact the base directly I decided to paint them over rushing water.  I used a blue that doesn't go on solid, and dry-brushed some teal on top of it before covering it all with a turquoise wash.  I think the effect came out pretty well.  Another thing I altered slightly is how I did the cockpit:

It may not be as distinguishable in the pic, but the fighter has a slightly smoother shine as the top layer on the cockpit.  The difference between the fighter and the guardian is that I blended the brightest color into the layer before it rather than just use it straight (as I did on the Guardian).  I would have taken more pics, but every day this past week was a struggle, and I admit I was in a rush.  Here's how the veritechs look in all their forms:

In other news I picked up a copy of Kingdom Death: Monster.  I saw the kickstarter for this three years ago, and thought the sculpts of the minis were great, they were ultimately not what I was looking for.  Earlier this week I read a writeup of the rules on Ctrl + Alt + Del and decided that I needed to have the game.  Thankfully it was less than 24 hours later that pre-orders became available again.  While I wait for my copy of the game to arrive late this month I will continue painting Robotech.  Next up is Breetai!


  1. Beautiful set, sir! Really appealing colors, and a great sense of environment. Subtle, but strong.

    Going from RRT to KD:M...? You'll have no Sanity Points left at all!

    1. RRT to KD:M to SDE and back again to RRT. I have miniatures lying all over the place to paint. Now if only I could figure out how to bend time/space...