Friday, January 4, 2013

Beginning a New Year

With the holidays finally behind us I hope/pledge to start painting more miniatures and doing more updates!  I have two entries today, and these are the last miniatures painted in 2012.

We'll start with my trio of Fire Gamin for the Arcanists of Malifaux:

I love how the eyes turned out on them.  They REALLY catch your attention, and make you look over your shoulder.

In the pic with the gamin facing left you can see how I did the eyes.  The base color was a brownish yellow, and I used it to cover not only the eye, but the skull/nose around it as well.  This is the, "glow," of the eye.  Closer in you can see a brighter yellow, almost lemon colored.  At the very heart I've just painted a dot of white.  With light he center is brightest, and it darkens going outward.  You can also see this in the flames and fireballs.

When an object catches light, it's the point closest to the source that is brightest and the point furthest from that is darkest.  When you are painting a source of light though it's the exact opposite, with the brightest point in the, "center," and the darkest point further out.

Here's a comparison of the WIP I did of, "Jug," (cause he's juggling fireballs).

The other piece I finished is my Rail Golem.  A monster on the board table, he has earned his paint job 10x over!

When I first primered him I was unimpressed with the sculpt.  It looked lackluster and dull, and not a lot of fun.  I was worried that it would look a little stupid on the battle field after I put down the base layer of metal.  All of that changed with the ink.  I used a combination of Vallejo sepia (which is darker than GW sepia), and black ink.  I had used different shades of metallic as well to create variation.  The end result is one I'm rather excited about!  The steam boiler is what really breathes life into the whole piece, and now he stands ready to look good while demolishing my enemies!

In other news my paint schedule is going to be thrown for a bit of a loop in a week or two.  I got in on the kickstarter for Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster Pass some months ago.  Well according to the latest update my copy should be here soon.  I'm pretty excited about this game, and plan to spend some time getting things ready.  I guess this means I should really try to get some more models done over the weekend.

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