Monday, January 14, 2013


So I realize I have made a bad start with my posts this year.  There's some difficult things going on with my personal life that I'm attending to, but it doesn't mean I've stopped working on my miniatures.  Let's start off with the first miniature of the year, the Female Gunsmith for the Arcanists.

I REALLY like this model.  It's simple but there's a lot going on.  Very action oriented and reminiscent of The Matrix.  The hair and coat were a lot of fun to paint, and getting layering/blending techniques to synch up is a bit of a challenge some days.

With the Female Gunsmith aside I was able to begin focusing on other models.  Over the weekend there was a day with some beautiful weather that was warm enough to justify some fervant assembling and primering.  Here's the result.

For those of you wondering, primer tends to clump and pool in colder weather, or humid weather, so when you want to primer models make sure it's around 50 degrees approximately, and not after a strong rainstorm.  It helps to give you an overall smoother coat of primer.

All of those models are lovely and I look forward to painting them, but they're on the back burner.  My next focus is the Collette Crew for the Arcanists faction, and the coming months will see me paint a lot of those models.  The models in the above pic are from the Guild faction, and some of them will be painted before Adepticon, but they're a bit lower on the priority list.  With that I started my Mechanical Doves tonight.

These are a WIP, and I'm getting close to finishing them.  If you look closely you'll notice some lovely ladies waiting for their spot in the limelight.  One of them is the Female Gunsmith, and the other will come later this week with any luck.

You'll notice that the last pic, and the pics of the Female Gunsmith are a bit sharper.  This is due to a friend of mine taking some time off from her busy schedule to do some lighting correction on my pics.  I've been hearing lately that my camera doesn't quite capture the essence of my models, and I hope that this shows off their quality a little more.

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