Wednesday, March 6, 2013

2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Backward

So I was starting to pick up steam and get back into the painting groove, but then I got sick.  I would set up my paints and palette, then just stare at my desk.  I'm better now, and managed to get a touch of painting done last night.  Here's the result.

Kang, from my Arcanist crew.  I like how he's coming along so far, the pants turned out great!  The thing I'm not sure about is his eyes, and I may have to redo them.  With luck I'll be able to get him finished up tonight, but that's not a guarantee since I plan to pick up some models that need to get assembled and based for me to use tomorrow night at my semi-weekly Malifaux night.  If I get some time though it shouldn't be too difficult.  The gloves, hammer, and base should go by pretty quickly.

The other thing I'm hoping to do tonight is to get some pictures taken and do a massive blog update within the next couple of days.  I failed to meet my six miniatures in two weeks goal for this past two weeks, but I'm hoping to catch up this weekend a bit and churn out a couple of Railworkers.  With the nice weather coming in I hope to get more models assembled so I can get them primered.  Overall I have approximately 8-10 miniatures left to get painted before I can breathe easy before Adepticon.

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