Monday, March 25, 2013

Quick on the Draw

Having finished enough Arcanists for me to play them at Adepticon I've turned my eye towards the models I want to use for the team tournament.  Rather than Arcanists I'm going Guild.

To start off I had to choose a master.  I'm still a bit torn, but leaning towards Perdita Ortega.


I really like how she turned out.  The skin has a darker hue, and the colors all come together nicely.  I was a bit worried about the hair, but even that turned out looking like black hair rather than dark grey.

The other model is a bit special.

Santana Ortega.  A very special alternative to Santiago Ortega.  She was given as a thank you to the Henchmen who stepped up to run a lot of events over the summer of 2012, and to the volunteers who helped out at Gen Con 2012 with Wyrd's events/booth.  While not exclusive to Henchmen, they are a bit limited.  There was one given out as top prize for a few large tournaments, and those who donated generously to the Through The Breach kickstarter will be receiving one.

I managed to get my hands on three of them, and my fourth one will come with my stuff from the aforementioned kickstarter.  So it goes without saying that this model had a lot of love coming to it.  In this instance one of my friends provided the muse for the colors going into this model.  When the muse strikes, one must listen.

Pieces like this are essentially two models in one.  The primary one is Santana herself obviously, but the second one is the zombie that just got a bullet through the brain pan.  While the zombie was a bit more of a simple sculpt it does take a bit of extra work to make sure everything turns out nice, which it did.  I like how dynamic the entire piece is posed.  I put it on a simple cobblestone base, and I feel that the simplicity of the base helps to enhance the overall look.  Later this week I'm planning to start on two of my Witchling Stalkers, and with luck I'll pick up a nice bit of momentum and roll right through my Guild models.

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