Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Skipping Steps

I try to keep things up to date on this blog, and as I finish pieces I like to get them photographed and uploaded.  My new job has added some new stress, and while I'm settling in there was a big switchover in the software we use that just occured yesterday.  What this means is that hopefully I can start to devote more time to getting things done.  I have three models to get done before Adepticon, which is the 18th.  This weekend will be my last weekend where I don't have anything to do or go to, and with luck I'll be done with two of the three.  Last night I got struck with a bit of mojo and got started on my Brutal Effigy.

That's about an hours worth of work, maybe less.  When the muse strikes the paint goes on very quickly.  It's exhilarating to have paint wash over a model and give it life when the mood is upon you.  Some models take a while to paint because you're just not feeling it, but the Brutal has sparked some inspiration and I plan to take advantage of it.  So far people are really noticing the color of the coat, which makes me happy since I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it until the mojo struck.

Now I mentioned above about getting pictures taken.  I'm happy to post my Work In Progress pictures from my phone, but it takes a little setup to get the finished product taken.  Well, in most cases.

This was actually a good shot that I took to show some friends.  The above are two of my three Witchling Stalker models.  The studio paint job has them with different shades above and below the waist, but when I was painting them I started thinking about the fluff.  In the fluff of Malifaux Witchling Stalkers are former magic-users who were hunted down by the Guild, and then put through a terrible trial/ritual that twisted and bent their sorcerers ways to serve the Guild.  As such I went ahead and painted them as though they were wearing robes.  I felt it was more appropriate, and I liked the way the color on them came out.  I've been getting a lot of positive feedback on their eyes which I've said in the past is one of those things that can just, "happen."  I love happy coincidences.

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