Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mydnight Goes Fourth!

So my weekend at Adepticon was amazing!  I got to have a lot of fun playing games, seeing friends, and even tried out a demo!

Friday I played in the team tournament with my best friend, and although we didn't do well we had a great time and got to catch up afterwards.

Saturday was the first day of the big Malifaux tournament.  Unlike previous years where they did a qualifier on Saturday and a finals on Sundy, they were doing three rounds on each day.  Saturday I had a great showing with 3-0 for my games.  I also got the time to try out a demo of Relic Knights in advance of getting my kickstarter models. 


It looks like it'll be a cute and fun game to play, and I look forward to getting my own models.

Sunday was the conclusion to the tournament.  The organizer took a vote and dropped the last game of the day due to people needing to catch flights and make long drives home.  My showing for the day was 1-1, and I ended up taking fourth place out of a 44 person tournament using Arcanists/Rasputina.  It was an incredible run, and it's got me thinking about competing at Gen Con.

I came home exhausted, but satisfied.  It's hard to argue with a weekend filled with great friends, great games, and great models.  Oh, and here's a pic of the swag that I got:

I got: a book, the plastic Lady Justice box for Malifaux, a Skorne battlebox for Hordes, several promo minis, a Succubus for Super Dungeon Explore, some bases, a Druid Gone Wilder, and Bombadier Bombshell for Privateer Press.  A modest but nice haul if I do say so myself.  Expect a few pics of those after I get my small commission out of the way.

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