Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Consistency Matters

The anticipation for my paints keeps growing, and I'll have a nice little story to tell in about a week or so when I finally (hopefully) get my airbrush paints.  I've gotten a couple, and after trying them out I can say definitively that consistency matters.  A lot.  I've got a few things I need to take pics of that show some demonstration, but for now we'll start with this:

What you're looking at is Vanessa from the Malifaux line.  I had a bit of luck using light drybrushing to get a weathered/layered effect with the two colors of Minitaire that I do have, and figured I would try it with thinned out vallejo paint.  Turns out it didn't work.  I mixed Sepia ink with leather, and was hoping for a good mix.  The above is the result, which is to say that it ended up being another basecoat.  Here's Vanessa restored to her original (intended) basecoat.

I originally got this coat by testing out the sepia ink in my airbrush, so it was simple to get it back.  The problem I'm encountering with thinning my own paints varies from consistency to amount used.  The Minitaire specific paints I could use a few drops and get the same coverage as if I thinned out my vallejo paint and filled half the well.  In short: I want my airbrush paints!

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