Monday, June 16, 2014

Gamers Kickstarter Miniatures

After a long wait I finally got my swag from the Gamers 3 Kickstarter, the most anticipated of which was the miniatures of the fantasy counter-parts from Gamers 2: Dorkness Rising.  The only non-Gamers 2 miniature I got was The Shadow, whom the group is shown dueling with at various points in Gamers 3:

Pretty standard looking bad guy, and not too shabby.  Let's explore the rest of the party then.  Both the male and female versions of Luster were included, and they look pretty accurate compared to their real-life inspirations.

Up next we have Flynn The Fine and Brother Silence.

Flynn the Fine is looking a lot better than his prior version, but Brother Silence looks a bit off.  His face is contorted in what I'm assuming is a martial arts yell, but it looks a bit ape-like.  I think it'll paint up nicely though, and hopefully convey what I think it's trying to.

Last up are Sir Osric and Joanna, both are the only multi-piece figures in the set.  Joanna is looking pretty close to the movie costume, but I get the feeling she'll be a little tricky to paint up.  Sir Osric is in two pieces, and is the most disappointing of the group.  He's got the sword, but is missing the cape and shield.  Both of those are with him throughout the movie, so I don't know why they got overlooked.  I'll have to sit down and try out a bit of grey stuff and see if I can't mold my own.

All in all I'd say the miniatures were a worthwhile buy.  $20 for six miniatures in metal is a pretty low price at a time when companies are switching to plastics due to the high cost of metal.  The sculpting is good and will paint up nicely.  One downside across the minis is a bit of a fuzzy/unrefined look that seems to be from the casting/mold process.  This could go away after they've been cleaned up and painted, or it may not.  I'll just have to paint them up and see.

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