Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Gen Con 2014 Retrospective: Friday

Continuing from Thursday, I managed to sleep very soundly.  I think that dialing back the AC had a significant impact.  First up was packing up the car and heading over to the con.  I had secured myself a parking pass for the IN Government parking garage the previous evening, and it probably saved me $15-$30.  Check-in wouldn't be till later that day and I had to do demos from 9am-2pm.  This would be my last stint doing demos for the weekend, and the rest of the con would be mine.  Got to see another really awesome Lady Justice cosplay during my shift as well:

I had a lot of fun demoing Malifaux for the last couple of my shift.  They were really picking it up, and we ended up going past my 2pm finish time.  This wasn't a big deal since it wasn't affecting my level of compensation.  After I finished up with the demo I went and checked in at the Wyrd booth in the exhibitor's hall, and ran into a really awesome War Machine cosplay of Menoth's Kreoss:


At the Wyrd booth I collected my rewards, and promptly purchased a bunch of Malifaux stuff for me and my friends.  I had some troubles with my credit card that I cleared up at the booth, which ate into my free time a bit.  I had been given the keys for the new hotel room, and did a quick dash back to meet up with my friend Thirdpower for his first Gen Con experience.  While I waited for him to make it the last few steps to the hotel I spent time taking in the view from our room:

After a bit of time to get my stuff transferred to the hotel room and a few minutes to breathe Thirdpower and I headed to the dealer's hall to browse a bit before it closed.  We hit up a few booths to just scratch the surface of the Exhibitor's Hall, but made a point of visiting Jen Page at her booth promoting Project London:

After that we made a quick jaunt over to Steve Jackson Games' booth where Thirdpower got to chat up OGRE stuff with some of the designers.

With the dealer's hall closing we decided to hit up the Munchkin Tavern which had occupied Tavern on South for a tasty dinner, and then back to the hotel to relax before the evenings event: Late Night Puppet Slam.

The Late Night Puppet Slam didn't start till 11pm at night, but the evening view from our room was just as cool as the daytime view:

When we got to the Puppet Show the question was asked as to recording policies.  After a few moments of confirming with the artists/puppeteers we were told that recording was fine with additional encouragement to upload the videos.  My companion took a short vid and some pics of the show, but I tried to capture as much of it as I could:

I had some technical difficulties with my camera towards the end.  My phone started to freeze up due to having no free space left to capture everything (that's why the camera starts swinging around at the end.  That's me trying to fix the darn thing).

Following the show we met up with friends and attempted to find a late night snack but turned into more a wandering around downtown Indy before heading back to the room to crash for the night.

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