Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Gen Con 2014 Retrospective: Thursday

That most wonderful of cons has come and gone, and as I sit in reflection upon those wild days spent gaming and walking the floor one thought dominates all: I gotta start doing these blog posts at the con instead of waiting.

Let's start with the beginning.  I got out to Gen Con on Wed, parked in public parking and ended up spending $29 for what amounts to about six or eight hours.  During that time I helped assemble some miniatures for Wyrd's display case (there's a funny story about this that I'll come back to in a future post), followed by an overpriced dinner with friends at Dick's Last Resort.  That was the most I paid for a couple of beers, and I think next time I'll be more inquisitive as to the average ticket price before I sit down.  After that I headed over to the Wyrd meet and greet to pick up my badge, shirts, and hang out with the other volunteers before finally heading back to the hotel to crash.

My Thursday started off rather early.  The hotel I was staying in had some kind of a chemical smell in the room that when combined with arctic levels of AC kept three out of four of us from sleeping.  The one guy who got sleep has kids and thus is able to sleep through anything.  So barely any sleep and I'm staring down the barrel of a full day.  I get cleaned up and hit the con around 9am, waiting to do my initial rush to get the must have items.  I picked up a few things from Wyrd's booth for a friend, and grabbed myself some Relic Knight miniatures from Soda Pop Miniatures booth along with the four miniatures from Takoashi University/Tentacle Bento.  While I was there I grabbed a shot of some lovely ladies sporting costumes for characters from SPM's Super Dungeon Explore (the two on the left) and Candy, SPM's mascot (the one on the right):

Got to meet up with plenty of friends I haven't seen in a long time, but this cut my free time short.  I did however wander by the booth for The Bob and Angus Show and got my picture with a couple of puppets and their puppeteers:

The puppetteer you see standing there is Stacy Gordon who is the magic behind Claire O'Brien as well as a few others.  You'll hear more about her tomorrow.

I had to work at the Wyrd booth in the event hall from 2pm to Midnight and the t-shirt I had to wear was back in my car.  After a quick run back to get my minis and change I was left with little time to get lunch.  I kept changing my mind and ended up getting overpriced con food.  It looked delicious but was only ok.

I think the best time on Thursday was spent doing demos.  The first half of my shift, 2pm - 7pm, was spent showing people the ropes in the Malifaux miniatures game, and the second half was spent more sitting around.  I was supposed to do demos for Wyrd's board games, but there wasn't that many takers that late at night, and what few stopped by wanted demos for games I was unfamiliar with.  The best part was getting to stop people in costume and take pics.  The first one I came across was a beautiful Lady Justice cosplay:

I've started to notice that other people holding my phone to take pics results in more blurry pics.  The next two are an amazing cosplay of Rasputina and Molly Squidpidge featuring their new art:

It was a real treat getting to see those two, Rasputina's milky white  eyes were a great touch.  The last one I came across was a nice surprise.

Someone cosplaying as Kitiara from the original Dragonlance Chronicles Trilogy.

Once my shift was done I headed back to the hotel with my companion.  Went to bed exhausted and wondering if I'd get to sleep that night.

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