Friday, August 8, 2014

Putting the Pieces Together

Every hour is one step closer to Gen Con, and I'm continuing the time-honored tradition of trying to get as much painted as possible.  It seems like every year I tell myself that I won't do this, and I have only been successful once...kinda.  Right now I'm trying to get the last few figs for my Relic Knights Cadre painted.  The big showpiece for my faction, The Shattered Swords, is Sebastian with his Relic.  So far I've managed to turn this:

Into this:

As awesome as that looks it's not yet done.  There's still a shield and a front console to be attached (I had originally meant to do this post on Monday, but got sidetracked), as well as Sebastian himself.  The console and shield are done, and I have plans to paint Sebastian and his cypher Rook tonight.  Then over the weekend I plan to hit up two more pieces, one of which isn't even fully based or primed.  Did I mention it's going to be a photo finish?

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