Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Return To Glory

I finished the Centauri month with five days to spare!

I was going to make this two separate posts, but things have been going so smoothly I figured I'd get them all in one fell swoop.  Consequently these are the last of the original Babylon 5 miniatures that I purchased years ago.  There's a certain feeling of gratification at having finally completed these miniatures that sat in the back of my closet for so long.

First up we have the Mograth Frigate.  I couldn't find a paint job that I liked so I went with a combination of several different ones.  This isn't a ship that ever got CG'd into the series either, but it was still fun to paint.  In fact I actually had this one mostly painted long ago; which means that I get to do another old vs. new!


As you can see the paint scheme is very similar.  Big differences are more silver got added, and I used a darker shade of purple. How about a few other angled shots?


And one last shot.


The other two models in this set are Centauri Haven Patrol Boats.  These guys are a bit simpler looking, and I think that they were a little mis-cast.  I still went with it.

One of the big things I noticed with these two is that there isn't a discernible engine on the ships.  There's a spot near the tail where it looks like it's supposed to be an exhaust port, but both models only have one side fully defined.  Ah well.

Having finished up two factions I thought it might be fun to play around with things.

That first shot is of all the stuff I've painted thus far.  You'll notice that it doesn't include all my Narn models since some of those were painted years ago.  Things look a little lopsided don't they?  That's because chevrons make the Narn cooler, and thus giving them a better chance at winning.  Not buying it?  Ok fine.

With all my Narn and Centauri on the table it becomes a different story.  I hope the Centauri have some allies waiting in the wings just in case.

Next month I plan on doing misc/unaligned ships.  This will be the raider squadrons and civilian transport and cargo ships.  Oh, and the Babylon 5 station itself.


  1. Awesome :) Though Vorlon and Minbari ships are my favorite. And of course the combo White Star.

    1. While Vorlons are going to be the last of the factions to get painted, the Minbari will follow Earthforce. The Whitestar is apart of the Minbari group as well :D