Monday, September 24, 2012

Quick & Dirty Week!

Currently I'm recovering from an incredible weekend of seeing friends all across the Chicago-land area, and to help ease me back into the painting groove I'm going to be working on a commission for a friend.

On the right is his paint job, and on the left is the start of mine.  I was specifically asked not to do anything fancy; just enough to get things spruced up a bit so they look nicer.  The above pic shows you the first round of base & wash.  As much as I love how the armor plating looks with the smokey ink over the Gunmetal it was supposed to be darker.  I hit it with my black ink, and the result is much closer to the desired hue.

 The idea I'm running with for these models is to do a base coat, wash, and then some dry brushing or another layer of base coat or highlight.  I'm thinking I'll have to mix in a darker shade with my metal so the shade of the armor stays pretty close to what it is now.

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