Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Veritable Cloud of Fighters

Two weeks back from Gen Con, and I finally manage to get some paint on models.  I have a brief window to get Centauri models painted, but thankfully they seem to take less time than the chevron heavy Narn.

The Centauri Sentri Fighters didn't need a lot of different colors.  Pretty much I laid down Purple and Gold, hit both with a wash, then went over them again to help pick out the details better.  I ended up using a purple wash, which was nice and dark, but I discovered that it had an interesting effect on the gold when I went over it.

I like the effect and will have to keep it in mind for later models, but for now I went back over it with the gold.  Painted the cockpit black, and then the thruster fire.  It was nice to have a pretty straightforward piece to ease myself back into painting with.  One thing that helped to make these a lot easier was the bases.  I originally got the Babylon 5 Wars box set, which has a trio of fighters for each of the factions, and the bases they included were a nice black with sparkles in them.

I could paint over these for consistency, but I like them a lot as they are and have decided to leave them like that for each of the fighter squadrons.  They are actually what gave me the inspiration for doing my bases the way that I am.  Next up is the Vorchan cruiser which I've already got some paint on.  With luck I'll finish it by Saturday depending on my workload.

For now though I've got my first squadron of the month ready for action!

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