Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Breech Bag Review

I nice UPS man came this morning to deliver my long awaited Breech Bag!  Made by Battlefoam, the same company that made the original Malifaux bag, the Breech Bag is pretty and offers some new upgrades.  So let's take a glance at it.

The bag is supposedly airplane friendly (I wouldn't know what to look for since I don't fly) and be able to be a carry-on and fit according to the necessary dimensions.  A full loadout bag has two stacks of foam trays with each stack containing: a 3" pluck foam tray, 1.5" pluck foam tray, two 1.5" foam trays with thirty two (32) 2x1 slots, and a 1.5" foam with eight 2x1 cutouts and thirty six (36) 1/8x1 7/8 slots.


The big thing from the trays is the change in that last tray.  The original Malifaux bag had a tray that was 1" in height which left bases for models, which are 30mm in diameter at a minimum, peaking out over the edge.  Here's a comparison with the Breech Bag on the left and the old Malifaux bag on the right.

So it was time to start moving models over.  I had already made plans to move my Arcanists into my Breech Bag so I could have them for impomptu demos, and I made an interesting discovery when I was preparing to move the large foam pluck tray from the old to the Breech Bag.

The old large tray was 2.5" while the Breech Bag has a 3" tray!  This is very nice as some of the models become a bit larger, but it does mean I'm going to have to carefully plan what I want to put in the bag.

Moving right along I found that the Breech Bag has a decent number of pockets on it.  There's one large pocket on the top, and each side has a medium and a small pocket for five total.  In the large pocket I was able to fit three Malifaux book, and although it was snug it wasn't so tight you couldn't get em out.

This brings us to the other pockets.  The small pocket is great for fitting in rulers, counters, and it's even large enough to fit a handful of laminated cards.  I put two small measuring tapes and a blister that I use for counters in one of the pockets.  The medium pocket is actually big enough to fit the rules manual with extra space left over!

I managed to fit two rules manuals, and three decks of cards in one of the two medium pockets!  This is perfect for running demos.  So this leaves me with a set of pockets which I plan to use for my laminated cards.  I think my only down point in this regard is that I think I'm going to need a little bit more space to fit all the cards for the models that'll go into the Breech Bag.

Comparing the Breech Bag space to the old Malifaux case the pocket space offers some more carrying space overall.  The old Malifaux bag had a pocket on the front, and a pocket on the inside of both openings.  This allowed me to get three books total in there compared to the five I've got in my Breech Bag.  I was able to use one of the slots in my old bag to contain the large number of cards that I carried around.  The old Malifaux bag had three spots where I could fit: a measuring tape, one deck of cards, plastic blister with counters.  It also had a slightly longer pouch where I could fit a handful of laminated cards, as well as two spots for my dry-erase markers.  There's no doubt that I have far more space for storage on the Breech Bag, but if you look at the original picture at the top you'll notice that there's an empty spot on the side which is mirrored on the opposite side of the bag.  These would be a perfect spot for more pockets!

In conclusion I have a feeling that the Breech Bag will become my standard means of transporting my Malifaux miniatures, but I'll also be keeping some of my old bags for traveling light or for storage.  The cost of a standard load-out Breech Bag is a bit high, but in the end I think it'll be worth the cost if you have a lot of miniatures to carry around.

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