Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Commission Completed

It started a little over a month ago, and it's been a bit of a roller coaster getting here, but I've finally finished the third and final Death Marshall for the Lady Justice box.

One thing I attempted with this model is a technique I've only tried out once before.  It's called OSL (Object Source Lighting), and it is essentially dealing with painting a glow effect.  The first time I saw a tutorial for it was over at Brushthralls, and it gave me enough theory to work off of.  This is an area I'm still new at so I imagine my attempts will look rather, 'unique,' until  have a solid method down.  For now though I'll show you what I got.  Here's the model before I even painted the flames.

When painting a light source you want to do the opposite of normal lighting procedures.  Whenever you paint an object, clothing, or even skin you put the shadows into the recessed areas with the highlights on the raised areas.  With a light source though you want the brightest part (and thus the brightest color) further in, getting darker as you go out.

While the flames I'm painting here are more green and magical you could look at a normal fire and see the same idea.  Yellow at the source of the fires fuel which then changes to orange towards the middle before finally fading to red at the tips.  The flames on this model are all over the place, and I had a bit of a headache trying to figure out the placement of the colors without it looking weird (having dark tips right next to bright sources).  Here's the flames and the start of the OSL.

For the base part of the flames aura I took some of the paint I had mixed up for the dark color and thinned it out a lot while adding in glaze solution.  Once I had a mixture I was comfortable with I gave a few coats surrounding the flames while trying to catch the areas where the glow would normally radiate to.  Once the glaze had dried I mixed up a bit of the base (neon green) with a little bit of the dark (turquoise) to get a shade close to but not exactly the bright part.  I did a touch of dry brushing over the glaze.  The idea was to get the glow to be picked out with the rest of the light fading away.

There was one other issue, and if you look closely you can see that there is something not quite right with the eyes.

I had the face painted early on, and it bothered me the entire time I was painting this.  After I had painted the rest and was ready to be done I still couldn't get it out of my head.  I thought about what the problem was for a while until I finally realized that it was the lack of contrast.  Even though the skin has shading it was still flesh and black.  My eyes were just two black dots even though I had put down white before painting in the pupil.  I went back and painted white over the eyes, and then used a much finer brush than what I originally used to paint in new pupils.

The result is MUCH better!  I felt like I could finally say the Death Marshall was complete, and he was finally able to join his companions.