Monday, August 20, 2012

Gen Con Friday Teaser

So after wrangling real life job stuff I ended up spending most of the day uploading and editing photos.  I had some issues getting my Friday photos up on imgur, and didn't get them uploaded and edited until later on in the evening.  So here's a few teaser pics from Friday.

First up is me together with Matt Vancil at the after party following The Gamers Live.

I had a great time both at the after party as well as The Gamers Live.  There was a real thrill seeing my favorite actors performing in person, and then getting to meet them afterwards was icing on the cake!

Here's a pic I took during The Gamers Live

The portion of the show that was the actual "Live," part involved an impromptu gaming session where Nathan Rice (playing the part of Kevin Lodge) would take audience input on what to do for his game session.  That was how the macguffin item ended up being a vorpal blender of Mordor.  Kitchen wares is serious business.

Last for tonight is a slightly blurry photo from the after party with a lot of the cast and crew from Zombie Orpheus Entertainment celebrating the fact that they got 8 minutes of film shot in one hour (which is quite an accomplishment).  More on that after I've had a chance to sleep.

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