Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gen Con 2012 Thursday

So it's a bit obvious by now that I didn't quite finish that last squad of Frazi Heavy Fighters.  As it turns out things have been pretty busy since Tuesday morning!  I've done running around, visiting friends (one of whom is only in town for a few days before going away to another state for a year), packing, travelling, meeting, and greeting.  Then Thursday began.

I haven't been sleeping well the past few nights due to a combination of nerves and excitement.  In spite of this I was still outside the dealers hall 45 minutes before it opened.  Why was I there?  Because I wanted to meet the cast of The Gamers: Dorkness Rising, and Journey Quest.  Besides having some DVD's I wanted signed I've been looking forward to meeting the cast of these favorite series since I first watched them.  I think they were ok with meeting me.

Going to do a quick roll call here.  First up is Matt Vancil, writer and director of The Gamers: Dorkness Rising, Journey Quest, and many others.  He has been patiently putting up with my messages since I started donating to the Journey Quest Season 2 Kickstarter.

Up next is Jen Page, the beautiful and darling actress who plays the female half of the character Luster from Dorkness Rising.

The other half of Luster, as well as the star of Journey Quest, is Christian Doyle.

It was really odd being surrounded by the actors, and hearing them talk normally.  It felt like being in the movie while still in real life.  There was definitely a lot of enthusiasm from the cast along with plenty of excitement at being at Gen Con.

Continuing the roll we have Brian Lewis Carrol, who portrays the infamous Cass (Scourge of GM's) in Dorkness Rising, and the sagely Carrow in Journey Quest..

Brian is a very humble actor who has a great ability to portray multiple styles in different roles.  As you can tell from the picture he was quite astounded by all the attention from his fans.

 Not to be forgotten is Scott C. Brown, who has the distinction of playing Flynn the Fine, irresistible Bard extraordinaire!  Scott was having a great time even before he got to the booth!

Also at the booth was Nathan Rice, actor for the role of Kevin Lodge in Dorkness Rising, and Roderick the Gargoyle from Journey Quest.

Just looking at the faces you can see how much fun they were all having.  They were really getting into it, and since they're at Gen Con to film parts for the next Gamers movie there seems to be an extra spark of excitement in the air.

I couldn't forget to include Steve Wolbrecht, the composer for Dorkness Rising (as well as portraying Nodwick the Henchman).


That was only the first part of my morning!  I only had a little bit of time before I had to report to the miniatures/ccg event hall to help get things ready for the first Malifaux tournament of the convention.  I'm here with Wyrd Miniatures, and a lot of my time will be spent judging their big tournaments.  The first tournament to kick off the convention (for Malifaux anyways) was a story encounter called "The First Into The Breech."

Lots of fun was had by the attendees, and we had enough players show up on time to fill up all but a few tables!  I don't have too many more pictures except these.  I saw this display near the Wizards of the Coast area in the tournament hall and had to snap a shot.

During the downtime between adjudicating the rules I was tasked with assembling some scenery for a tournament to occur on Friday.

I was exhausted and hungry by the time I was done such that I started saying to all who showed an interest, "I Speak for the trees!"  It definitely got some good laughs.  Once I was done helping out I got some food and came back to the room to rest and recuperate.  Tomorrow I'll have a free day to wander the dealer room, as well as attending The Gamers Live.

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