Monday, August 13, 2012

The Var'Nik Destroyer

With the clock running down on the Narn month I find myself in a rush to finish up the last little few pieces remaining.  Now that I have completed the Var'Nik destroyer all that I have remaining is one squadron of Frazi Heavy Fighters.

Obviously there's more chevrons, just like the G'Quan class cruiser.  There is one important difference between the two though.  The G'Quan class cruiser was flat surfaces covered in chevrons, but the Var'Nik has a hull covered in plates.  I debated about just putting down a flat layer of red and leaving the plates as is, but I decided to try and get the plates to stand out a bit.

I went with a thinned out black ink over a red base.  Then I went over each of the individual plates again with a layer or two of red.  The effect worked really well, and the plates popped well enough that I was half tempted to leave it as is.  However my two G'Quan cruisers as well as my Sho'Kar transport are all sporting chevrons, and so I decided to go with consistency and paint chevrons on the Var'Nik in the same manner as my G'Quan.

Again the chevrons add a lot of character, and they almost seem to overshadow the plating.  At the very least it still holds up to the rest of the group, and the shape of the Var'Nik itself lends itself well to the pattern.

So now I have one more day before I leave for Gen Con which means I have approximately 24 hours to paint the last of my Narn models.  Let's see how well I do!

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