Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I've Been Working on the Railroad

Malifaux night at my FLGS is tomorrow, and I want to try out some of my new models for the Arcanists.  While the models are the new ABS plastic, and pretty cool, they don't have a good base.  Rather than go for base inserts I wanted to do something special.  There's going to be a whole theme surrounding the Arcanist models from book 4 that revolves around railroads, and that's what I wanted to try.  My ingrediants are the bases, some balsa wood, and some woodland scenics ballast.  I cut the balsa wood into approx 1.5"-2" sections and glued them to the base.

After I gave the glue some time to dry I painted on some thinned out PVA glue, and then covered the base with the ballast.  After shaking it off I noticed a few thin patches so I gave it another coat of glue followed by more ballast.

I'm really happy with how these bases are turning out.  All I need now are some miniature I-beams.  I know that they have something that'll work in polystyrene, but my local hobby stores don't carry it.  One store I know of up North carries exactly what I need, but I'll have to wait until I travel that way.

The models haven't actually been glued on yet, but as you can see I can lay things out so that I can do without the beams for now.  Once I let the glue dry for the ballast I'll get my models set up on there.

Willie and the Rail Golem are looking really good!  I can't wait to get the bases finished up so I can get them painted up!

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