Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Nice Shark, Pretty Shark

My painting project continues, and today I present to you the Centauri Primus-class Cruiser!  I can't say enough at how amazed I am.  Things are going along at a really good pace, and even though I'm not being as intense as I was last month the final product is still looking really good.

I tend to be a stickler for accuracy, and so far I've tried painting all the models as close to what's been on the actual TV series as possible.  The way I originally had the Primus painted had no gold on it at all, but that left it feeling lacking.  Once I put the gold on, the model popped and I have another example of how important contrast is.

There were lots of nice little details on this that added more color, but the surface area was just too large to add the definition that I wanted.

While mainly purple and silver the other smaller colors are the white and turquoise for the engine fire, and orange and red for the fighter launch bay.

One thing I am happy with is the bases.  The more I do the simple technique that I've been using the better and better it gets.

I'm finding that using pretty thin paint works pretty well.  The thicker it is the more it clumps up, but if you keep it thin and rinse your brush pretty frequently you get a nice dispersal pattern.  All that's left for the Centauri are a few unofficial models in the TV series, but were used in Babylon 5 Wars.  With about a week left I feel confident that I'll have these models finished.

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