Sunday, September 9, 2012

I Want a Renaissance of Power

I started coming down with something sinus related, and my weekend slowed to crawl painting wise.  I did manage to get the Vorchan finished though.

I think I wanted to put more detail and touchups on it, but my head is a little foggy right now so I'm running with it.  I'm rather enjoying the simple combination of purple and gold that the Centauri are so fond of. 


This one had a lot more detail on it so I decided to spice it up by painting some of the areas in metal and hitting it with a black ink wash.

One issue I encountered while assembling this model was that it wouldn't sit on its base.  I had to trim down the peg a bit and do some extra drilling, but it was able to sit on the base just fine after that.

I was actually surprised at how well it sits on the base.  I was convinced that I'd have to construct a base with a larger footprint, but it stays up pretty well.  It's still a bit top heavy, but not so much as to get me thinking about weighting the base a bit.

One last thing I've been forgetting.  I found this in my mailbox after I got back from Gen Con.

When I got my original order from Agent One I found that my Nova class cruiser had one of the holes for the bases on the top instead of the bottom.  A few quick emails back and forth with Agent One himself and I had it back in the mail.  I told him not to worry about the return shipping when he asked about it, and instead told him to throw something nice in if he was so inclined.  I was surprised that he decided to throw in a Hyperion Heavy Cruiser!  That was very awesome of him, and if you like seeing my Babylon 5 miniatures and want some of your own he still has a good selection to choose from!

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