Friday, July 20, 2012

Four down, one to go

So I finished up two more models from the Lady Justice box set.

These guys felt like they took forever, but really it wasn't that bad.  I've been pretty busy with my real life job, and not getting to paint at night has been adding more stress.  So accomplishing these guys has been a good thing.

The coats on these models are the big focus, taking up 50% of the model easilly.  I tried to capture an old fashioned leather look for the dusters, and from what I've heard so far I accomplished that goal.

Notice the eyes?

The most difficult part about painting the Death Marshalls is the copious amounts of brown.  Brown, brown, and more brown.  A wooden Casket and a brown leather duster make up 70-80% of the model.  Making sure that I had colors that were distinct enough yet still worked overall was a bit of a challenge.  I am happy with the results :-)

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