Friday, July 13, 2012

The results of a busy week

It's that time of year!  The time of year when I find myself out in the field and driving all over the place repairing satellite networks.  I did manage to find some time earlier this evening to get some painting done.  I started the squadron of Narn Frazi fighters.  I put down a base of Chainmail Silver (Vallejo 72053) and then hit it with the black ink (Vallejo 72094) and let it dry.

Adding an ink or a wash to a metal is a good way to bring out the highlights while giving definition to the recesses.  An ink or wash will naturally flow into and pool in any recesses.  This is perfect for an easy job of doing shadows, but it leaves something lacking.  Usually what I do is to go over the inked areas again with the base color, this way I have a clearer definition of the color I intend that spot to be while keeping the shadows.

A little bit more brighter and vibrant.  While I don't normally do this with metal I usually add another brighter layer on top of the 2nd base layer.

One of my little secrets that I use with painting is that if I don't know how the shading will fall exactly I'll use a wash and let it dry.  This leaves a good impression for where all the ridges and raised areas are, and in turn makes it easier to add layers of highlighting.

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