Monday, July 9, 2012

Followup: Wyrd Customer Service

Spent twelve hours working today, most of which consisted of driving.  When I got home though I found this waiting in my mailbox.

Why it's an envelope from Wyrd Miniatures.  I haven't ordered anything recently, so I wonder what it could be?


What?  A pair of arms?  Oh wait, I remember now!  A while back (June 21st) I made a plea to Wyrd Miniatures for some spare parts.  I had purchased some miniatures second hand, but hadn't realized the arm was missing.  I contacted the guy I bought it from and we both looked through our stuff, but nothing was to be found.  So I made use of Wyrd's new missing part form, and clearly stated the situation (since the form is for mispacked stuff).  It has been less than three weeks!  This just tells you how much Wyrd cares about it's customer base, and the lengths that they go to.  The model retails for $16 USD, and is a set of two models that work together in the game.  That's $16 that I would have to pay just to get a set of arms.  Wyrd has demonstrated before that they care about their players, and this proves their reputation.

So what will it look like when put together?  Here's a close concept.

 I haven't gotten my tools out yet, but I feel much better knowing that I'll be able to.  Thanks Wyrd!

EDIT: It appears that there is some difficulty with my imgur account.  I'll have to keep an eye on things and see if it happens again.  I think the problem may be on imgur's end since I can't pull up the pictures on my imgur account page either even though I can see the thumbnails.

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