Thursday, June 21, 2012

Malifaux Business

Painting miniatures, making conversions, and assembling bases is fun, but what do you do with them when they're completed?  Why you play with them of course!  I'll be running a Malifaux League at Armored Gopher Games starting on June 28th and going through August 9th.  More info over at Wyrd's Forums.

Any miniature company faces the issue of mispacking models, and how they handle it is a very important aspect and really shows their level customer service.  In the past I had to contact Wyrd for a missing set of arms for one of my Necropunks.  This was from a blister of three punks.  They provided a very timely reply and the whole process took a week or two.  Not bad for something that cost them close to half of what the blister cost itself (they paid the shipping).  I bought another player's Collette Crew at the last Adepticon, but didn't discover that one of my newly acquired Coryphee's was missing an arm:

I don't know when it went missing, but now I'm stuck with an armless model.  Wyrd has put up a new form for missing pieces and I've decided to use this to see if I can offer a lesser amount of money in exchange for an arm.  If we can't work something out then I may try my hand at sculpting a new arm for my Coryphee.

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