Saturday, June 23, 2012

The First Wave

The first circle is nearing completion.  What started as an attempt to see if I could do camo is just about done.  The first grouping of OGRE miniatures painted in Russian Arctic Camo is just about done.  Six Heavy Tanks and Nine Light Tanks are all done and sealed

I managed to perfect my recipe just enough to replicate it.  The base color I used was Cayman Green (Vallejo 72067), and it turned out better than Camouflage Green.  The next layer was just straight Dead White (Vallejo 72001) applied in a wavy stripe pattern.  One thing to note is that with each layer after the base I tried to add more blobs to it.  Essentially you want to keep your lines from being clean and straight. 

Next layer is the brown layer.  It took me a little mixing to get a good brown that was neither too dark or too light.  I mixed Charred Brown (Vallejo 72045) with Beasty Brown (72043) in a close to 50-50 mix; though it was probably closer to 60-40.  For the brown pattern I kept to more large groupings/blobs connecting and crossing over the white.  Very simple and straightforward.

The top layer was black (Vallejo 72051).  A simple smattering of squiggles, small elongated blobs, and twisted V's applied over the rest helped to blend it all together.  When I look at them on my table it's easy for the eyes to glide right over them.  You have to be careful when applying the black.  Too much and you're covering up your previous layers, too little and the effect is jarring.  I would apply squiggles and V's, then touch up the in-between areas with elongated blobs.  This would be the overall effect:

One thing I like to do is pay attention to all the details.  I ended up putting a lot of effort and thought into the treads even though they'd hardly be seen at all.  I mixed Beasty Brown with Cold Grey (Vallejo 72050) to get a nice smooth and dull brown (approaching beige).  Once the treads had been painted with it I hit them with a black ink, and drybrushed the base color back over once they were dry.  Simple but effective.

While this setup is nearly complete, I have a bunch of infantry waiting to be assembled and painted in a similar manner.


Pretty soon this force will be ready to roll over its enemies in glorious conquest!


  1. Wow-- those look FANTASTIC. I wish I could paint a tenth as well as you do.

  2. Thanks for the praise! Painting the camo is actually quite easy. A lot easier than I thought it would be. It just takes a little time and patience to get your method for the squiggly lines down, but once you got it it's easy enough to keep it going.