Saturday, June 2, 2012

Anger Management

I'm a guy who pretty much has to do his own stuff.  There's a sense that if I let others get involved that it lowers the model's effectiveness.  Well my Nicodem Avatar has presented me with an interesting situation.  I love that the model is being born aloft by a host of zombies, but when I was done painting the pieces my attempts at assembling them proved wanting.


This was a model that if I continued to try and assemble it that one of two things would happen.  Either I would do a half ass job and be frustrated with it and not want to look at it, or I would throw it across the room in a fit of rage.  I admit that the prospect of either was unappealing, but what options did I have?  Recently I commissioned a friend to do some scenery pieces that had been lying around and collecting dust.  I wasn't going to get to them anytime this decade, and it helped my buddy get more models.  A win-win situation all around.  What I got really blew me away.

So obviously a fellow painter of no small skill.  I'm sitting at my desk with my frustration ready to have me re-enact scenes from The Incredible Hulk when I decide to give him a call.  I only needed to say a few sentences before he understood the entire situation.  With many sincere assurances that he would take care of things I began to feel calm again.  There have not been many times where I've felt comfortable with letting another work on my models, but this would be one of them.  While I will gladly hand over the pieces for him to work his magic, I'll be hard at work getting the crowning piece ready to cap it all off.

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