Thursday, June 14, 2012

Completed Works

In between blog posts a lot is going on.  Sometimes it's work, sometimes it's fun, but I also get stuff painted as well.  I figure it'd be easier to do a short review rather than an a in-depth walkthrough for each and every model.

Up first is another camo scheme that I tried out.  I used another C.A.V. model to try out German Desert Flecktarn

I think it's pretty close to the original but could definitely do with a bit more finesse.  It was more a quick job to see if I could pull it off.

On a whim and in a camo mood I decided to try out infantry.

The scale of these is rather small, probably 10-15mm to take a guess.  These two dudes are sporting the Russian Arctic Cam that I tried previously, and with their guns painted gunmetal and a splash of black ink I think they turned out looking really nice!  I've been worried about trying to paint at that scale, but it turns out that painting camo on troops in full armor with guns is pretty easy (or lazy, depending on how you want to look at it).

Last but not least I finally got off my rear to paint a model that's been sitting in my bag for a while.

One of Wyrd's Punk Zombies for the Resurrectionists faction, this is a model that didn't catch my attention as much, but with Nicodem's Avatar fully painted I'm going to need more of these guys.  Thankfully I have a few sculpts of the Punk Zombies so it won't be tedious to paint them.

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