Monday, June 11, 2012

OGRE Afrika Korps Camo

Had a busy weekend.  I managed to pick up the OGRE miniatures and show off my skills with what I done so far.  They were well received.  One of those was the Afrika Korps camo that's slated to adorn the mighty OGRE's once they're done being stripped of their old paint.

So lets start off with the inspiration pic...

This pattern is a lot simpler to pull off.  Muted colors with wavy stripes.  For a base color I really wracked my brain on this one.  It's tan but a khaki color would be too creamy, but other tans would be too dark.  I ended up settling on a surprising choice, Bonewhite (Vallejo 72034). 

At first I didn't think that bone would work, but after I put it on and started looking at it I was surprised at how close it got.  I have some washes that are pretty close to that color and decided to try them out.  I tried out Secret Weapon Washes Parchment color and GW's Sepia Wash.

The Parchment is on the left tread covering while the Sepia is on the right tread cover.  The result is that the Parchment has no effect while the Sepia is a bit too dark.  I could go over the plating with bone again, but as these are intended to be covered in camo I figured it'd be better to forgo it this time.

Next up is the stripes.  Again an off color.  Not quite brown but lighter than leather.  I dug through my paints and decided to try out Parasite Brown (Vallejo 72042).  This color seems to have some orange and a light touch of red mixed in.

The color worked out perfectly!  When I showed it to my friend he was pretty happy about it, but noted that the stripes across the top should go all the way across.  Other than that it looks the way it should.  The treads got painted with Chainmail Silver (Vallejo 72053) and hit with the parchment wash.  Can you notice it in the above picture?  Neither could I.  Not sure when/where I'll find a use for the parchment wash.

All I have to do now is wait for the OGRE's to be cleaned off.


  1. The pics on this post don't seem to be working. :-(

  2. That's odd. Try my Work In Progress folder on my imgur account: That's where I've got most of the OGRE stuff so far. Or at least, the practice stuff.