Monday, June 4, 2012

Now, I am become Death, the destoryer of worlds

I swung by my friends place and picked up the finished product from last time, and was quite pleased with the results:

The positioning is a bit more forward on the base than I would have liked, but I really can't offer any complaints.  I have some light posts or pylons that I might add later depending on how I feel after the finished product has been on the table.  Speaking of which...

There he is in all his necromatic glory!  When I was originally looking at getting in to Malifaux I looked over all the pieces out at that time and none of them wowed me, until I came to this guy:

This is the guy that got me into the game.  No other piece, not one, had the pull to bring me into the game.  While I have used other masters a bit more, this is still one of my favorite minis from the line.  When I saw his avatar it instantly became the model I had to buy; even if I wouldn't use it I had to own it and paint it.  With the help of my friend this desire has finally been realized.  How about another shot?

Since I painted the original model and the Avatar so far apart from each other there was a little bit of a challenge getting the colors to match.  I think I came pretty close, but I'll let you decide:

Here's a shot of just the Avatar without his palanquin:


I'm still tempted to pick up another box just to take the Avatar and do a Ghost Rider conversion.  Because I can't enough of this piece, one last shot.

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