Friday, June 1, 2012

Busted thumbs and Malifaux treats

My real life job managed to give me a bit of a setback on my painting earlier this week.  My thumb got caught between a wrench and the mounting of the equipment I was working on.  I was worried that it might've been broken, but the following morning the pain was starting to subside.  The result of that though is that no painting got done on Wed, and Thur night was Malifaux night at my FLGS.  Even though my painting has been set back a bit I plan to catch up this weekend; especially considering my order finally came in.


However I have made some progress on my Nicodem Avatar.  I managed to get the zombies finished, and started work on the chair.  These first two zombies are the ones that I used the RMS Undead Flesh triad that I talked about here.


 These other three I used a combination of Vallejo paints and GW Sepia wash. 

As you can see I've applied copious amounts of blood.  In the past I've used varying shades of red paint, but I decided to try something else this time.  I went with a Red Ink from Privateer Press' P3 line, and it worked out rather well.  Like most washes I had to water it down, otherwise it's just too strong and rather than adding shading it just blots out everything it covers.  Before applying it I used some Scarlett Red (Vallejo 72012) on the open wounds and exposed muscles.  That way the red ink would give a more natural sense of blood flow when I applied it.

In the end I'm not sure how I feel about one set over the other.  They both have their ups and downs, and I'm not sure that either one could be considered a better go aside from opinion.  The RMS ones have a bit more of a rotted look, but the ones I used Vallejo paints on look a bit more fleshy/fresh.  Maybe it's good to mix things up a little every now and then.

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