Monday, June 18, 2012

OGRE Coffee

I've replaced my friend's morning coffee with an OGRE blog post; let's see if he notices

Following the successful OGRE: Designer's Edition Kickstarter I offered to paint some of my friends OGRE miniatures.  There were some rough draft attempts at camo, but here is the first actual run of Heavy Tanks.

In my last attempt I used just regular camo green (Vallejo 72031), but my buddy wanted darker on the green and brown.  I used Cayman Green (Vallejo 72067), and for the brown I mixed Beasty Brown (Vallejo 72043) in with Charred Brown (Vallejo 72045).  The overall effect was successful :-)

I also tried a suggestion for the treads.  Instead of using metal I mixed Beasty Brown with Cold Grey (Vallejo 72050), hit it with black ink, and then did a light drybrush of the base mixture to pick out edges and highlights.  I'm actually pleased with the overall outcome.

It may only seem like a minor detail, but when you're painting the stuff it's hard to not pay attention to it.  At least that's the way it is for me.


  1. The look very nice. I'm a big fan of camo.

    1. I'm glad you like them! I have a few OGREs and a couple of Combine groups to paint up still so there's more to come.