Sunday, July 1, 2012

Something new: Tan Flesh

Flesh is a key detail in any miniature.  Whether milky white and smooth or ghoulishly rotted and falling off the bone a good flesh tone can enhance or distract from the rest of your paint job.  While I normally favor pale skinned ladies

I recently took on a commission for a Lady Justice box set from Wyrd's Malifaux line.  My patron asked that I paint Lady Justice with a tanned shade of flesh.  Being outside of my comfort zone I made sure to put a little extra effort into it.  I started with a base of Bronze Fleshtone (Vallejo 72036) mixed with a bit of Parasite Brown (Vallejo 72042), and then picked over it with straight Bronze Fleshtone.  To smooth the blending I hit it with GW's Gryphonne Sepia wash.

As I tend to do with my paints I followed up the wash with a layer of straight Bronze Fleshtone and another layer on top of that with Bronze Fleshtone mixed with Elf Skintone (Vallejo 72004), and then topped it off with another sepia wash.

I normally don't do more than four of five layers, but I take commissions seriously and wanted to make sure I really captured the tanned look.  So far there didn't appear to be enough variation, so I added another two layers consisting of a mix of Bronze and Elf fleshtones, picked out details with Elf Fleshtone, and then counted on the Sepia wash to give it a good bronze tint.

I liked how things were starting to look, but I felt like the flesh wasn't smooth enough.  Once the wash was dry I went over it again with the same layers as before but with a little more water in the paint to get a smoother coat.

According to the Patron the job is acceptable.  The difficult thing with doing fleshtones first on a miniature is that you don't get a good sense of how they will work overall.  Quite often I find that a fleshtone I don't think will work ends up turning out fantastic once the rest of the miniature is painted.  So if you're uncertain that you've hit the tone just right, get some more paint on the model before you redo your hard work.

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