Tuesday, October 30, 2012

14 Down, 2 to Go

Just a brief update as I work my way through the week.

The Wight wielding a sword is not the standard for this unit.  Back when Wights were used in Warhammer Fantasy you could field a unit of Wights or you could have one lead a unit of skeletons.  The sword wielding wight is sporting some differences from the other wights.  He has a higher amount of detail than the other wights which is a hallmark of a leader piece in any Warhammer game.  I think this guy might be destined to lead that unit of skeletons that are waiting for their touch of paint.

With these two down I'm nearing the finish line on the unit of Wights.  I'm hoping to have things finished up by the end of the week, but the weather may have something to say about that.  The sudden shifts from cold to warm and back again have been making me very lethargic.

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