Monday, October 8, 2012

Alert the Docker's Guild

Life ever conspires against me, but I have managed to get myself back on track for the month.  Continuing The Babylon Project, my plan this time around was to start with the bases.  In previous months I had pre-assembled/painted models, so doing the bases was a difficult prospect.

This round of bases turned out really nice.  There's plenty of variation, and while there are clusters it's more because of many dots rather than blobs.  Finishing the models is going to be so much easier without having to worry about the bases.

To start off the Civillian month I decided to go with the two fuel tankers and a cargo freighter.

When I first looked at these models I was worried about them being rather monochromatic, but after sitting down I decided to add touches of brown and red to help make them stand out more.

The blue on the Cargo Freighter turned out really nice.  The model itself actually has a flat piece of metal that attaches to the engine pod.  The design of it is pretty clever, using the flat metal to help stabalize the entire piece.

I've always liked civilian ships in Sci-Fi shows.  They end up having a design and charm all their own that is fun to look at and play with.  Hopefully they'll have a safe trip on their journey.

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