Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Last of the Wights

It's been a bit of a long road, but I'm finally done with the unit of Wights!

One of the things I love about seeing other people's painted miniatures is that there's usually a story, or unique feature that has some personal sentiment or insight.  It's a nice personal touch that really accentuates the style.  One of the distinct characteristics of these wights have been their green weapons.  The way I heard it from my friend is that they're not magical, they're corroded.  It takes a long time for a corpse to rot away to just a skeleton, which is what these wights looks like they are.

In a fantasy setting the technology hasn't had steel for very long which would put many skeletons as being alive during the bronze age, and bronze is an alloy of copper.  Think that copper doesn't corrode?  The Statue of Liberty is copper-plated, but the color that everyone sees is the effect of oxidization (corrosion).  As a result I got to have a lot of fun painting corroded weapons.

One thing worth noting is that while Malifaux is a skirmish game, Warhammer Fantasy (of which these wights are from) is an Army game.  The big difference is in model diversity.  A skirmish game uses smaller groupings of miniatures, and tend to have a larger variety of models.  An Army game uses a larger amount of models grouped into different units, and this leaves you with multiples of very similar models.  The end result is that people sometimes get bored.

I got a little bored and decided to pay an homage to the friend who commissioned these wights.  I run a tabletop game, and his character is an elf with a very particular shield.  Not only have I painted the symbol from that shield on the drum, but the color I used for the skin of the drum is called Elf Skintone (Vallejo 72004).  The extra freehand is free of charge, and a nice little Halloween treat!

All that remains now is to finish Kirai, the last unit of camo OGRE models, approximately 30 very quick and dirty skeletons, and a custom paint job OGRE Mk. IIIb.  With luck I'll be done by mid November.

Edited to reflect accurate metal.  Copper instead of bronze.

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