Sunday, October 28, 2012

Step By Step

Each time I sit down I get a little closer to having my commission stuff completed and set aside.  Tonight I have a trio of wights (including their leader), and a preview of what I've got going in progress.  Let's start with my favorite out of the bunch:

The wight leader turned out very nice.  Simple and straightforward.  I ended up touching the edges of the helm and face around the eyes with the base color I used for the eyes to help achieve a very nice OSL effect.  How 'bout those minions though?

Looking good!  This leaves me with four wights left in the group.  With luck I'll have them finished by next Saturday.

In the meantime I've been dabbing a bit of paint here and there on a miniature I'm doing as a Birthday gift for a friend.  I haven't done too much yet, just a base coat on her kimono and obi:

I did spend a couple of hours on her earlier this evening though.

All of it was spent on the skin, face, hair, and bow.  Very tedious and precise work, but with good results.  I was asked to add some special touches to her kimono, and that's all I'll say about that now.  With luck I may get to show off my skill later this week!

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